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When I felt small...

When I felt small...

The truth is in the past I have let others effect me. To let their words make me question myself. To make my dreams feel small.


When I left my advertising career to become a personal trainer peers stated “but you went to university?” “Your going to JUST be a trainer?” And I had to learn to trust my gut. I knew that training made me happy and was a gift that I wanted to pursue while I built a flexible work schedule.

When I signed to be an advocate with Beautycounter I had people say “but when will you get a “real” job? “Do you really work in beauty sales” or “is that one of “those” companies?” And yet I kept going. I knew that NO other company was doing what we were doing in terms of direct retail (You don’t stock product, theres no monthly quotas, I can work from anywhere!), advocacy (We work to change outdate laws #howcoolisthat), ethics and sustainability. Still to this day there isn’t a company doing what we are doing and I am freaking SO proud of that. It’s been three years since I stuck to my gut.

So I forged a path. I stayed positive, met nay-sayers with grace and JUST kept going. I have realized that everyone brings incredible value to their lives and we can be happy for anyone no matter what their career is. I will repeat that again. No matter what they do or don’t do. Everyone deserves to be happy.

We all have hearts and they matter most. Having just turned 32, I feel more empowered by knowing who I am and what I want. I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone many times and it always leads to amazing places.

Don’t play life small. Be big. Be bold. Freaking keep going. Follow your heart and don’t ever let someone waiver you of your dreams #yougothis #wegotthis

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