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Get moving and hit up the Currie Barracks Airport Playground

Get moving and hit up the Currie Barracks Airport Playground


Let me start off by saying that life is better outside.

When the mini’s meltdowns start happening it’s time to round everyone up and get to the park. But even before that most days, outdoor time is a part of our daily routine. Again. Life is better outside!

 Therefore, I am an avid park hopper. With a 3 and 5 year old it is our happy place. It’s also free (Heck yes!) which is why it’s a daily part of our lives and why it should be part of yours.

 The best part about having kids play outside IS the obvious they get fresh air, movement and have fun BUT mama it is for you. YOU can get moving, get in 15 minutes of movement and breathe deeper with some space. What is better than kids getting moving AND you getting a workout in?



I love the Currie Barracks playground because it has a lot for the kids to explore, climb and grow with, great for all ages from toddlers to six and beyond. Plus, the fact that the Currie Barracks #airportplayground has a rubber floor has my heart. There is no dirty dust to take home with you #nowthatsawin

 While they run from look out tower to the airplanes to the swings you can focus on some squats, high knees, tricep dips, lunges while being able to see them from anywhere within the park.

 Now before you say I am crazy, YES you can workout if there are people at the park, I guarantee that THEY won’t notice/or care and as mamas and fathers IF this is your workout window take it. Join in together. Make it happen. You’ll be done in 15 minutes and a brand NEW person because you put yourself first.



My Currie Barracks 15 Minute Workout

3x10 Squats

3x10 tricep dips off bench

3x10 lunges

3x 20 high knees marching

3x10 squat pulses

Have more time? Do 2 more sets.

The fun doesn’t have to stop on the swings or the teeter-totter; the amenities at the park are amazing. I am at that age in my life THAT things like picnic tables matter #legit Here’s a list of awesome amenities it offers:

·      Full picnic table area perfect for lunch or your workout

·      Numerous benches for snack spots

·      Its in a sunny green space BUT surrounded by mature trees so there is ample shade on the hot summer days

·      Street parking is a breeze (and free!)

·      Universally accessibly and inclusive equipment

·      Rubber play surface

·      Solar table where you can charge your devices #hellogreentechnology

·      Inner city location convenient to find (its on Google Maps! Amazing!)



AND COMING to the grassy area next year (Alexandria Park) that I might be MOST excited about:

·      A SPLASH PAD!!! (Yes!!)

·      Dog park

·      Winter skating rink

·      Amphitheater

 You want more info on #currielife or the playground you can get it all right here: http://www.currielife.ca/?utm_source=wpr&utm_medium=003&utm_campaign=bpost



 So pack those snacks mamas, lets put those Lulu’s to good use and get moving with your kiddos. Have fun, embrace that it won’t be perfect but movement is energy and it will propel you to have an amazing day.

 Enjoy the sunshine.

Enjoy your ability to move and groove.

Have fun with the kids.

Lets get moving!


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