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Show Yourself Some Love...But How?

Show Yourself Some Love...But How?


We all know that ‘self care’ is all the rage and we SHOULD be doing it. But are we? Is your self care similar to mine I wouldn’t think so, at different times of life we need different things to feel like ourselves. So I ask you what do YOU really need right now? When was the last time you you stopped to ask yourself what YOU might need in your current season of life? (seasons keep evolving and your self care should too!)

I think its important to realize that everyone’s life is FULL and that there is no one size fits all for self care BUT you can find some daily rituals that work for you and weekly add on that complete that.

The daily things like at home workouts, taking a shower, wearing your cute shirt, putting your makeup on, journaling, mediation, stretching (and more!) are all forms of self care. Do you have a morning routine? It’s not easy with little kids but even 10 minutes where you feel like YOU can set you up for success in your day. I think the biggest thing I have realized is that my kids are TOTALLY okay if I focus on me for 15 minutes. It might require setting up toys or a show for them BUT it is always worth it.

Do you practice better bed time rituals? Put the phone down #legit and read a book, stretch, write notes of gratitude, listen to soft music and prepare yourself for sleep. Whether its 2 or 8 hours #hopefullythesecond #wishful

Other forms of loving on ourselves includes weekly rituals meeting with friends during the week, date night with a partner, some child free time, a workout out of the house, or ANYTHING that interests you.

The next part is the most important. 

The follow-through. Right now. On some paper, set some intentions for your daily habits that are for YOU and a few add ons in the weekly ritual category. Then its time to put them into motion and celebrate when you do.

I believe these moments bring clarity, perspective and allow us to keep our freaking shiat together #truth

With love,

Top Knot Mommy

When I felt small...

When I felt small...

What if you just did the workouts?

What if you just did the workouts?