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What if you just did the workouts?

What if you just did the workouts?


I get asked often “how do you have the time?” or “what motivates you?” and the real real is YOU make the time or you don’t. It’s a lot easier not to than it is to put the work in #truth The problem is, it’s easier to creep social media, or think about taking action than it is to get your squat on.

The good news is the moment that YOU make yourself enough of a priority and make it happen you’ve unlocked the secret. Motivation and execution creates success.

Nobody is going to get you out of bed, get your workout gear on, have healthy foods for you unless you do. I have had moments in my motherhood that I just WISHED someone would do this for me. I thought it could just be a bit easier if it wasn’t all on me.

But that’s life. Thats why your here. Your happiness, your choice of joy every single day is just that. You’ve been through hard things, you continue to go through hard things, great things, wild things and you will keep going. But you NEED to fill up your cup.

The healthier you are the more you can love on those that need you. The better friend, mama, and wife you can be. The more you can get ahead in your career if you so choose, or the more you have energy to dream and create memories with those that you love.

 So what if in 2019 you did it? You got the workouts in? Say you worked out 3 times a week, you started small and created healthy habits. The actual “what to do” is all over the Internet #truth #getmoving It’s the doing it part that we GOTTA get real about. We need to cheer each other on for it. If you miss a day, saddle up another day.  You are more motivated and much stronger than your giving yourself credit for.


Whether its power walking in the sunshine (yes its cold BUT you can walk with kids almost all winter, I have done it and still do it!), at home 20-30min workouts, dance parties with squats, classes at the local gym, baby and me classes, signing up for a race. Do what works for you and your situation, not what you WISH you could do. Start small. Start where you are and then be SO dang proud once you do it.

 Be proud that you are in control of those mini workouts, that you take the time to love on yourself with meal prep, workouts, positive thoughts.

 Be proud that you did it and that you will continue to do it! You got this, and together we got this!

All the love,

Top Knot Mommy


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