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Can we have it all?

Can we have it all?

In short. You bet we can.

We just need to stay positive and focus on the long game.

The reality is I am a dreamer. I want so badly to help others, to unite community and to bring light to motherhood. BUT holy it can be overwhelming adding it into regular life.

I know for many that I talk to the realities of managing a house hold, getting workouts in, succeeding at work, motherhood, friendships, marriage, dreaming up goals, self care, and EVERYTHING else in life can feel overwhelming.

I know I have had times where all I want is to make a million changes at once or that I let the fact that one thing ISN'T happening be the reason that I get into a funk. Our minds work best when in a positive space and I prefer to try to live as an optimist. BUT the real real is we all have hard days. But we can't stay there, we are tough and truly can juggle a LOT, so we must keep going. So focus on the positive. It's a conscious decision to embrace the chaos, mental drain, constant to do list and meet it with excitement.

The real self empowerment comes from looking at challenges or obstacles and turning them into opportunities. You can definitely have it all, it just won't happen ALL on the same day (and we need to be okay with that!)

The truth that I have learned is its all about the small changes, wins and the celebrations of those along the way ensure that we CAN succeed. 

So focus on the long game, focus on that fact that with some grace and some hard work you truly can have what you want.

Here's a few tips to allow your 'to do list' to empower you to be positive on the daily:

1) When you are feeling overwhelmed, write down 3 things you've done recently to work towards your goals. Write down what you HAVE done today, I bet it is WAY more than you give yourself credit for.

2) Schedule your workouts in, even short ones can improve your feel good mood, mental clarity and bring patience to a busy day.

3) Time block your time. Legit this is game changer. Know what your doing in chunks of time will allow you to be WAY more productive.

4) Reduce your social media time. Be mindful of this as it can stop you from getting done what you need to do.

5) Have clear goals. Then execute. Many times goals are not specific enough and thus just an "idea" in your head. Get it on paper and make it happen.

6) Never forget the long game. Things do not happen over night and allowing your self some grace will allow yourself to see that you can get things done. It's all about the small wins that add up to the big goals.

7) Check the priorities and recheck it, re-jig it and ensure you work on a as need basis. This helps clear your mind and work on what is most important. Sometimes I ask my self "Do I NEED to do this today? this week?" and that helps me remove it from my brain and move on to the next thing.

8) Plan a date for yourself, for a friend, or a spouse. Being social feeds our minds and souls. Being secluded can really get us in a funk. So get out, have fun, live life and get your laugh on. It brings perspective and will fill up your tank.

You've got this. Embrace positivity, give yourself some grace and know that no matter what you are doing you ARE doing an amazing job!

Photography: Bretton Grassie (Bretton Grassie Photography)


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