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It's time to get your squat on...

It's time to get your squat on...


Top reasons why you should add squats to your fitness regime!

The reality is post babies most typically haven’t been as active #truth, we spend oodles of time cuddling babies (which is the best ever!) and our bodies have changed truly for the best reason ever. But strength and exercise is important for our mental health, stress release and overall happy endorphins. The good news is that strength and fitness is something you can always work on and improve upon. Fitness is a commitment for life. Regardless of age, busy-ness, a potential injury (my prolapse didn’t stop me!) you just need to try to find what works for you and squatting you can add into at home workouts, at the gym or on the go!

Squats are an AMAZING exercise and can pump up your booty (um where did it go #legit) other amazing reasons to get your squat on are:

(*if you have been told my a medical professional to not do squats due to a prolapse perhaps discuss modifications with them to find exercises that work for your situation)

1)   Squats work your bodies largest muscles your glutes, hamstrings and quads and thus they burn the most calories #winwin

2)   When done properly your core is active your pelvic floor engaged (think lifting upward), you can exhale on exertion and choose the depth in which works for you. The less the range of motion the easier it is, start where you are and try 3 sets of 8 or 12. Another great perk is that its a very safe exercise to begin the connection with your core post part without it being load bearing (which is great postpartum!)

3)   You benefit from toning, calorie burn and strong legs means you can carry kids up and down the stairs or bounce them forever!

4)   Keeping muscle mass is important. More muscle improves your metabolism (muscles are hungry!) and as we get older we lose muscle mass which can make us feel more weak but also lead to injuries for we aren’t as strong. So it’s important to use our muscles and keep them as strong as we can.

5)   Because it feels good. Regardless of whether you can do 5 squats or 50. The important thing is to start where your fitness is and keep adding in more as you can. Consider 3 sets of 10 2-3 times a week or if your already squatting add in more, or pulses after your sets of squats. It’s all about challenging yourself by 2-3 reps and being consistent!

So with the beenfits of squatting (which are honestly endless!) and who doesn’t want an apple bottom booty? Have fun incorporating them into your fitness regime! Spring is just around the corner so get moving and have fun with it!

Fit fitness into your lifestyle and you will be feeling the feel good vibes immediately!

All the best,

Top Knot Mommy

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