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My top 5 workout must haves

My top 5 workout must haves

Trying to move and be active with kids isn't always easy, but I do think it helps shake off any stress, cabin fever and allows you to feel refreshed and like your self!

Getting sweaty, walking, or any way you move your body can allow you to feel like a million bucks and THAT is why you do it over and over again. 

Over the last while I've developed some amazing must haves that have totally helped me with my workout and post workout routine (which is usually with 2 kids in tow and absolutely crazy!)

Credits: Workout images by Simply Modern Marketing wearing Sweat Society Clothing. Location Barre Belle Studio Calgary.


number one

Sweat Society workout gear! These Sports bras are so comfortable and totally supportive. If the girls are aren't contained you'll just spend more time thinking about needing a better bra instead of getting down to business #truth  ALSO the more they are shaking around the more you could be helping the girls move south #strapthemup

View the whole collection at www.sweatsociety.ca

number two

Charcoal Cleansing Bar. This bar is SUCH a game changer. It's basically a face detox. The charcoal draws out impurities and oil, brightens skin and helps reduce acne. ALL of which are problems of mine haha. For $30 its a steal of a deal for it lasts 6-8 months (when kept dry in-between washes) with 2 washes a day! It also is free of harmful chemicals like paragons, sulphites, formaldehyde etc.

Beauty counter bans over 1500 toxins so you know its good for you and safe #amazingvalue grab yours here beautycounter.com/tarabutterwick

number three

3. An insulated water bottle #gamechanger This is like the Mercedes of water bottles. You water is LEGIT still cold hours later. I am obsessed with my Swell bottle and it is worth the investment. IT's the only water bottle you'll want to use. Also some #pennysaver news is that you can actually get similar insulated ones at places like Safeway or Walmart. The cream of the crop are the Swell brand ones AND they are gorgeous!

number four

4. A booty shaking playlist. That's right if you don't have music how are you going to stay focused? I LOVE my spotify account because I pay $9.99 a month but I can make unlimited playlists and save them offline. You can use them anywhere and really get into your workouts!

number five

5. Post workout Mists (Rose Water or Balancing Charcoal) I will be honest. Initially I was all a mist? what! BUT I am totally obsessed. It helps instantly tones your skin, refreshes you and I look forward to it daily! A few sprays and you feel amazing. Rose water is amazing for our skin and so is charcoal! Detoxifying post workout never looked so good. Check them out here www.beautycounter.com/tarabutterwick

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