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The Real Reasons It Matters To Me

The Real Reasons It Matters To Me

The truth is I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Then I thought I figured that out AND then I had my beautiful kids #truth

As a very tired mom I started to realize that I needed community more than ever. I had times where I was lonely and really didn't know what my next step would be. I spent a lot of time pondering do I work? Do I not? Do I go crazy? #maybe

I slowly realized that I needed to surround myself with inspiring goal getter women and keep pursuing my own goals (of which I didn't really know what they were yet!)


I think that taking risks and doing something we aren't familiar with is how we grow. I have never done direct retail, I didn't know what Beautycounter was before it launched in Canada BUT I knew I HAD to be a part of it. And thats the simplest reason right there. This is more than a beauty company and we are movement. A movement for better beauty and a movement to unite and inspire women to grow a sustainable business with the foundation of education and healthy choices.

I believe that we naturally are educators and that we truly want the best for other people. The opportunity to promote, build and grow a safer beauty business with Beautycounter offers a platform to thrive. 

We lead with education to reduce toxins in our beauty products. The truth is our industry is highly unregulated with only 560 toxins banned in Canada and over 1400 banned in the EU. We are drastically behind the standard and many common mainstream toxins like parabens, sulfates, formalehyde releasers, lead, synthetic fragrance, asbestos are still widely used and are linked to health issues.

Our skin is our largest organ. When's the last time (if ever!) you've questioned what you are putting on it?


Fast forward to taking a leap of faith. It wasn't a hard choice for me. Even as a personal trainer I knew that I wanted safer products for my family and myself. I knew that if I could create a side hustle income stream that I would get some new shoes (#truth) or better yet be able to contribute financially to my family I would be so happy. I did it. I jumped in and fell in love with our amazing mission of safer products, high safety standards and direct retail flexibility (I work from home, with my kids and it fits into my life!)

From the depths of 2 kids under 2 (yep thats when I started!) I have partnered with some of the most AMAZING women who are now running their own business' and fully embracing the life of a safer beauty boss. The flexibility, income and confidence it has given me is something I am truly grateful for.

Looking back to last April when I said yes (again think over tired mom of 2 littles and a brand new dog) to the opportunity to go for it, I didn't realise that:

1. Some amazing new best friends and a whole new world of inspiring talented women we're just around the corner.

2. I was on the verge of a whole new level of goals and achievements as a Executive Director and Founding Member.

3. It was a creative and mind escape that I would grow to LOVE daily. Something for me to offset my sweatpant and exhausted mommy moments with. Think team calls, makeup launches, incentive trips and much more!

4. Connecting and collaborating with SO many local boss babes would inspire me to grow and share.

5. By simply using our natural ability to educate  I could help others and continue to push for more health protective legislative laws in Canada.


Through all of this I have realized that we are educators, advocates AND I couldn't be more blessed to work with the most amazing women.

It's something I couldn't be more proud of and I couldn't be more excited to where the mission of safer beauty is going. It's not a trend. We all deserve safer products.

You might question why join, why purchase, why switch? ....BUT I ask you why not? Why NOT take a chance on yourself, We all deserve safer beauty and I would love to have you join our inspiring community.

Truly, If I can do this anyone can! Ask yourself. Are you ready to go for your dreams while making a positive healthy impact? Together we truly can create positive change.



Photography by Amy Bell, Modern Nest Photography

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