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5 ways to put your phone down and have a better start to your day

5 ways to put your phone down and have a better start to your day

I am a firm believer that your intentions set the tone for your day. That your habits when you wake up, pave the path to the choices, actions and successes you attain on a daily basis. So how many of us are turning over and looking at our phones? Just starting your day by creeping? #guilty and to be honest I don't want it to be that way.

I decided that much like exercise, I needed to be mindful for my morning activities and to show myself some love. Even if it just takes two minutes. Recently I had this chat over lattes with one of my fellow mama tribe best friends and we came up with these top 5 habits to start your day on an amazing note and to be in a positive state of mind. It was so fun chatting about rituals with her and we found some that ALL mamas can implement below.

A few I was doing already (after my morning creep #truth) BUT now I come first and connection (creeping) comes later when I have blocked time for it #yes

Adopt some of these into your routine:


The simple act of making your bed can make you feel so good and before you’ve left your bedroom you’ve accomplished something! Legit I never used to do this. BUT it is life changing. I can't go back. I love walking by my bedroom and seeing my bed neatly (ok perfectly) made. It makes me want to keep the rest of my home tidy and orderly throughout the day. The big key here is if you like your bedding you are more likely to make your bed. You don’t need to spend a fortune but buy bedding you like! My friend has an amazing style eye and she says its all about the white bedding, a simple textured coverlet over a white duvet makes all the difference! So lets pretend we are 50 and Try making our beds as soon as we are out of it in the moring and I bet you’ll feel the difference! #slayallday 


Staying in your pjs all day can really put a damper on your mood. Simply getting dressed when you get out of bed makes a huge impact on your head space. Im not saying you have to throw on your skin tight skinny jeans but some comfy leggings and a t-shirt and voila! With or without a bra your already set for the day #truth

Once you’ve spent two minutes getting dressed, brushing your teeth, washing your face, throwing your hair up in a top knot mommy (obvi) you’ll be amazed how much better you will feel. 


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. There is nothing better than a glass of water first thing in the morning. It instantly wakes you up and gets you focused on hydration. The more you drink the more you’ll want to drink. Ever notice that the days you squeeze in a workout and crush a bunch of water throughout your spin class your day is a lot more water filled? Thats because the more we hydrate our body the more our body will crave water. Increasing your water has lots of health benefits too like better, skin, anti-aging and aiding in weight management. So start your day off right and drink a big glass!


In my opinion, your surroundings are a direct reflection of your mood. You are much more likely to feel relaxed and happy when your home is tidy and homey. We spend a lot of our time at home so make sure you’re diggin’ the vibe you've got going on. Put on some tunes, Open your blinds, crack a window, turn on your diffuser and take a few minutes to be thankful for this space you’ve turned into your own little sanctuary. Try throwing on some laid back music, set the mood and take 5 minutes to adore your home and enjoy your coffee (even if its cold). 


The old saying there’s no time like the present could not be more true. Most of us feel the most motivated and ambitious first thing in the morning. When you’ve got kids and work to juggle typically you loose steam as the day goes on. Morning workouts and/or meditation are both great ways to start your day off right. Squeezing in a morning sweat session is likely to keep your eating habits on track and give you a energy boost for the rest of you day. If its one of those crazy days we all have taking a shower or getting ready may be the only peace and quiet (fingers crossed) you get all day so relish in your few minutes of alone (still crossed) time.

Many of these are easy to add into your routine and will bring a lot of joy. Take two minutes to think about what your morning rituals are? are they serving you? or could you work on them a bit? 

Only you can change them, only you can implement them. The more full our cups are as mamas the more we can help those we love.

Take time for you. You got this.

With love,

Top Knot Mommy

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