Have you ever just wanted a few hours so you can relax with other mama's while still being healthy and fit? Are you looking to find more of a "me" balance now that baby is a bit older?

Top Knot Mommy workshops are the ultimate Mommy's afternoon or evening out.

We will have a few larger events throughout the year where we get our community of fit mamas together, enjoy a workout, sample healthy recipes, enjoy guest speakers, vendors, indulge in beauty and fashion advice. It's the ultimate afternoon out!

As I mentioned some workshops will be bigger in size and others more intimate with you and a group of your friends etc. If you've got a group of friends that you'd love to do a workshop with please contact me at hello@topknotmommy.com!

Workshops will include:

Information regarding healthy balance post baby, fitness for moms, healthy eating, and keeping a fit mind

Workouts for mama's (how to's, plus a 30 minute mini workout, plus additional at home workouts)

Quick and Easy healthy snacks 

Recipe sampling

Hot tips and favourite product sampling

Plus guest speakers, beauty vendors etc. (for large scale workshops only)

*Pricing to come* Stay tuned