The low down on FREE Santa Photos in #YYC

That's right I said it. FREE!

The tree is up, music is on, we're busy giving gifts and it's time to ensure the littles see the big jolly man himself. Which... I have yet to do! #truth

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So..Santa's coming to town.. (technically he's already here!!)

He's down at The Core Shopping Centre Downtown #yyc and you still have time to get your free Santa photos, take advantage of the GORGEOUS shopping centre and have a change up to your usual mama routine or festive celebrations!

I find I always stay in my bubble for Christmas shopping. I try to shop local as much as I can but when I can't I end up at the same mall and to be honest its boring! haha

SO this holidays lets be crazy and try new things. The first is to realize that shopping downtown is so do-able and something we should be doing more often! The reno a few years ago means its absolutely gorgeous, over 120 stores and did I mention free santa photos? #winning

I am headed to take my 2 littles down tomorrow at 10 but before that here's more details to everyone that wants to plan this into their weekend! #causeyoudo

The Core Free Santa and Event Details:

1. There are free santa photos Thursday-Sunday until Christmas eve! (23rd is the last day!) You get to use your phone to be able to text them and also can print if you use their hashtag!

2. They have FLAMES Saturday. Which this Saturday Dec 16, Alumni Curtis Glencross and Jamie Macoun will be there to help out and giving free autographs #yassssss

3. Shop without the massive MASSIVE suburb crowds. Legit this is an amazing reason to make a morning or early evening of it. Try a coffee or dinner at a new place and get some shopping done!

4. It's kid friendly, with decorations to show them, the park open at the botanical gardens, and daily converts from 12-1 the kids will be super happy getting out and about!

5. Cause parking is $2 on weekends or after 6pm

6. Because who doesn't love FREE!!

For lots more details visit their website:

Santa Photos:

Free Performances:

See you there because I know us mama's are itching to get out and about! Let me know how you love it!

All the best,

Top Knot Mommy